Responsibility is the most important thing we manufacture

CPC Cares is more than our corporate responsibility platform—it’s a belief that’s intertwined into the very DNA of the CPC company. We are proud to empower our employees, give back to the community, and make the world a better place by actively participating in community activities, charitable institutions, and environmental endeavors.

CPC Charities
Team of Caring
Tackle Kids Cancer

Empowering our employees

We’re always investing in the success of our employees. One way we do that is with our tuition reimbursement program, where we help pay for our employees’ pursuits of higher learning. And when our employees give to good causes, we make sure to do the same. That’s why we match every dollar our employees give to charity and host annual employee competitions that benefit the winner’s charity of choice. It makes for a happier workplace and a better world.

CPC Cares

Giving back to the community

We pride ourselves on our Long Island roots and are always finding ways to make our community a safer, stronger, and better place. From annual food drives to volunteer projects and charitable donations, we’re always finding new ways to give back to our hometown and the world.

  • Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive to Benefit Long Island Cares, Harry Chapin Food Bank
  • Gerald Ryan Outreach Summer Camp Program in Wyandanch
  • Children’s Medical Fund of NY
  • American Diabetes Association
  • March of Dimes
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island
Vitamin Angels
Run for Charity
Donate for Pets
Community Minded

Doing our part for the environment

We’re taking steps in our journey of helping create a healthier, cleaner, and more sustainable world. We’ve added solar panels to the roofs of our facilities and have committed to reducing pollution with our CPC RideShare initiative. These projects are just the beginning of our commitment to making the environment a better place for everyone.