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We take control of every step of the pharmaceutical process in order to deliver the highest quality products available on the market. From concept to commercialization, our 9-step process guarantees precision, quality and excellence.

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Step 1Order Placed

The process begins once you place your order. Our Account Services team manages every step of the way to confirm the correct quantity and logistics are in place.

Step 1: Order Placed

Step 2Material Procurement

Our Purchasing Team sources the raw materials and components needed to fulfill your order while working closely with our Development and Quality teams to ensure that the materials selected are suitable for use.

Step 2: Material Procurement

Step 3Materials tested for quality

All materials are tested in our GMP-compliant analytical lab to ensure quality, consistency and potency.

Step 3: Materials tested for quality

Step 4Precision Weighing

Our Pharmacy Team uses state of the art technology to properly weigh the materials needed to move into manufacturing.

STEP 4: Precision Weighing

Step 5Granulation and Blending

Weighed materials move to the granulation and blending stages. Depending on the material used, certain batches are granulated then blended, while others go directly to blending.

STEP 5: Granulation and Blending

STEP 6: Finalization

Materials are transformed into your final product via compression or encapsulation and are then coated to completion.

STEP 6: Finalization

STEP 7: Packaging

Finalized product is sent to our full-service, high-speed packaging lines, where it is packaged in a customized container using bottles, stick packs, blisters and more.

STEP 7: Packaging

STEP 8: Quality Assurance & Control

As a final assurance of quality, our Quality team tests your finished product and reviews all manufacturing and packaging documents for accuracy.

STEP 8: Quality Assurance & Control

STEP 9: Shipping

Our shipping team coordinates the transport of the product according to a timeline that suits your needs.

STEP 9: Shipping

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At CPC we are the experts in meeting and exceeding regulatory requirements. Whether your needs are capsules or tablets, over-the-counter drugs or dietary supplements, we deliver consistent batch results with the highest level of quality in each and every product we manufacture. Contact CPC to see if our process can handle your needs.

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